The Schuylerville Tree Committee

In 2016, National Grid identified a number of trees throughout the Village that were either dying or posed a threat to the electrical grid. As a result of that identification they removed those trees. This left the landscape of Broad Street barren of most of its trees. Many home and business owners addressed their concerns with the Village Board.

In 2017, Mayor Dan Carpenter appointed  Nicole Proctor to chair a new Tree Committee. Nicole Proctor recruited a dozen committed volunteers to sit on this committee. They began to meet monthly and quickly produced a plan of action. They were able to plant two of those trees in the fall of 2017 as part of the Schuylerville Small Businesses Association’s Fall Festival. They reached out to homeowners and businesses that had their trees removed in 2016 to see if they wanted their trees replaced and almost all of them agreed to the replanting.

Over the winter, the committee began to solicit donations for the purchasing of the trees. Many community based organizations, business owners, and residents stepped up to help them reach their goals. The committee then set the date for this May and created a Facebook page and an instructional video. On May 2nd , 2018, a group of committed volunteers met to plant a greener vision for Schuylerville. Many thanks to the following volunteers for their help planting the first 10 trees:

David and Mary Roberts              Dan and Eric Carpenter          Tim and Libby Holmes

Rich Furlani            Dan and Simon Baker             Deb Mathis            Cory Heyman

Nicole Proctor and     The members of the Tree Committee


If you are interested in joining the Tree Committee or having a tree planted on your property please contact the tree committee  If you are interested in following the progress of the Tree Committee please consider joining their Facebook page.