NY Forward 2023

FINAL Schuylerville NY Forward Grant Application 2023 Read more >

Fiscal Year 2024 reorganizational resolutions

Fiscal Year 2024 Reorganizational Resolutions Read more >

SVBOWM Adopted Budget 2023 to 2024

Water.Adopted April.17.2023.fy23.24 Read more >

Adopted 2024 General Fund and Sewer Fund Budgets

2024 General Fund Adopted Budget

2024 Sewer Fund Adopted Budget

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Veteran’s banners form

If you would like to order a banner for yourself or one honoring a loved one, the applications are being taken from March 1 to March 31.


veterans banner form Read more >

Village of Schuylerville Tax Assessment Roll for 2023 tax levy

Village tax assesment roll for 2023 tax year

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Code Red

Code Red

Code Red (reverse 911) is your best source for being notified about emergencies that can affect you and your families in your village, such as boil water advisories, road closures or missing children.

Landlines are in the system for reverse 911 but cell phones are not unless you register these numbers. Read more >

Energy assistance from NYS

consumer assistance programs

energy affordability & electric & natural gas bill relief programs

energy consumer assistance programs 2022-2023 Read more >