Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works performs a significant service to village residents ensuring a safe, clean community. 

DPW Supervisor: Robin Decker

DPW Crew:
Steven Brooks
Hugh Bruce
James Doubleday
Michael Patrick

Refuse Collection and Recycling


Tuesday is Garbage Pick Up Day in the Village of Schuylerville.

All bags must be labeled with garbage stickers and placed curbside the day of garbage collection. 

One (1) garbage sticker is required  for a small (13 gal) bag.
Two (2) garbage stickers are required for a large (30 gal) bag.

Stickers are available at the Village Office, Byron’s Supermarket and can also be purchased via mail by sending a check (made out to the Village of Schuylerville)along with the number of sticker requested.  Cost: $1 each.


Every Tuesday
: Recycling for plastics, glass, newspapers (dry).

Please Note that corrugated cardboard is no longer able to be recycled by our DPW. 
There are recycling centers on Weible Avenue in Saratoga Springs and in Greenwich that will accept your clean, dry corrugated cardboard. 

First Monday of the month, ONLY: Junk mail, magazines, tin       cans (rinsed). We are unable to recycle coated single ply cardboard (cereal and pizza boxes). Please place those items in your regular garbage.

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