Public Hearing 13 Ferry Street new residential construction

Notice that there will be a Public Hearing conducted on August 21, 2023, concerning   an application to the Village of Schuylerville Planning Board for a site plan review of a proposed home at tax map lot number 157.64-1-52 AKA 13 Ferry Street at 6:30 PM in the Village of Schuylerville meeting hall on the second floor above the Village Office at 35 Spring Street, Schuylerville, New York. The project application, including site plans, is publicly available for review on the Village of Schuylerville website at and at the Village Office and will be accessible at the meeting room for reference and information by the public in attendance at the hearing.


Applicant: Shane Liptak 200 Hayes Road, Schuylerville, NY 12871

Liptak Application

13 Ferry Street plot plan

13 Ferry Street plans